Welcome Ellemirers!  You have just chosen to be apart of and experience Ellemired, where we provide T-shirts and Film for Girls that encourages confidence courageously! 


My name is AJ Seng and my daughters J. Noelle, Jo'Elle, J. Arielle, & J. Isabelle created Ellemired for those that have experienced feeling less than who they are!   As a child, I suffered from Low Self-Esteem I always carried the weight that I was never Good Enough or Pretty enough.  I admired others but never encouraged or admired myself.  After, my oldest daughter J. Noelle experienced an incident that made her question her beauty.  I decided to take a stand against Low Self-Esteem, not just for her but all girls even Women who ever questioned their beautiful!  Using my Gifts for reaching people and my passion of Fashion and Film we created Ellemired™ , where we use a portion of the proceeds to give back to the community and help Girls conquer Low Self-Esteem and discover their Superpower!  Our company not only provides you with beautiful T-Shirts, but we believe when you look good you feel good!  So when you make a purchase and take a smile in the mirror at yourself; you can be at peace knowing that with your purchase you have helped us reach out to a young girl that is struggling with her Identity by providing financial resources to pour into the community that help us in our quest to Help Girls discover their Superpower!


We are grateful for you!  Welcome to our Squad who Rocks the Best...Ellemirers!


Be Love. Be Royal. 



AJ, Noelle, Jo'Elle, Arielle, & Isabelle